Admission Policy

Since its founding in 1982, Koryo International College has provided an education based on the concept of fostering independent Japanese women with an international outlook. Koryo focuses on developing individuals capable of responding to the emerging needs of the times and capable of contributing to the broader society. Koryo International College offers entrance examinations to students recommended by designated senior high schools; general examinations for recommended students; general scholastic achievement tests; and A.O. system entrance examinations. Regardless of entrance examination category, Koryo also requires candidates to interview, whenever possible, to help identify and select competent students of diverse abilities and other qualities difficult to assess relying on academic achievements alone.

Koryo International College welcomes diligent, energetic students who find that Koryo's educational outlook resonates with them students who have mastered effective study habits, take a spirited approach to a challenge, and are serious about planning their future careers.