Campus Network

An ideal network environment for an ideal campus life

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Our institution was among the first universities in Japan to invest in the latest information technology, both in terms of educational facilities and working environment.

Multimedia lecture theatres are equipped with large 230x200 inch screens, which enlarge an ordinary image 20-30 times and make it easier for students to follow and understand lectures. The students can also use our network for accessing information about lectures.

All facilities in our spacious campus are interconnected by fiber optic cables, which ensure speedy circulation and exchange of information.

Our campus is equipped with around 1,200 ultramodern computers where students, staff and faculty can work or access important information services and other university users for the exchange of ideas. Students access computers through networks both through terminals on campus, and by telephone using modems. There are over 3,000 connection sockets and wireless LAN equipment, which proves once again that NUCB is at the forefront of technological development.

Wireless networking facilities in a 21st century campus

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We equip all student iBook computers with wireless LAN cards (AirMac cards)

All our students are provided with personal computers free of charge. In order for computers to be used in a wider array of situations, they all contain a wireless LAN card.

Our institution has increased the number of wireless access points on the campus, so that students can use their computers in class, or during the lunch break from the university's cafeterias and fast food restaurant.

Ultra fast Internet access

The maximum SINET connection speed in the past years was only 4 Mbps. However, the fast development of broadband Internet connection has prompted us to introduce ISP connection, which ensures a speed of 100 Mbps and improved the overall quality of information reception and transmission.