CGC Building (Center for Global Communications)CGC Building houses multimedia lecture facilities which link us with the world

CGC Building

Completed in 1998, the Center for Global Communications (CGC) is a mark of NUCB's continued efforts to remain at the forefront of innovation and invention, and to grow and transform into a 21st century university.

It is a fully networked building, with ultramodern facilities, aimed at training our students to be able to work anywhere in the world.

You will find no blackboards in the CGC's multimedia lecture theatres; they are replaced by computer projectors and a used by students and lecturers to exchange data using their personal computers.

Lecture theatres are equipped with state of the art facilities, such as CATV, video and DVD players, computers and computer software, Internet access, as well as two 200x230 inch screens, which enable teachers and students to effectively participate lectures and presentations.

The CGC has satellite link-up capabilities, where worldwide academic links are utilized to establish satellite broadcast courses from destinations wordwide destinations. The CGC furthers NUCB's commitment to internationalization and globalization.

inward part of the CGC Building