Curriculum Policy

Globalization and the growing sophistication of IT applications are rapidly eradicating national boundaries for individuals, commerce, and the flow of information, thus creating a new era in which people from nations around the world must live together, and share their unique cultures. Success within this global community will require more than language skills and communication techniques. To communicate freely and effectively with people of diverse backgrounds - as a true "citizen of the world" one must have an international perspective. One must cultivate a global outlook within a global framework, as well as a sensitive understanding and knowledge of different cultures. One must master the skills required to express ideas and opinions freely and effectively.

The commitment to cultivating Japanese women with an international outlook, the underpinning of the International Study Program (established in 1982; later renamed the International Communication Program), imbues all classes and seminars offered at Koryo International College. All of Koryo's curricula transcend the conventional framework of international studies offered by other two-year colleges. They are designed to provide not mere knowledge, but the practical skills that graduates will need as global citizens in their life after graduation, drawing on skills in language, information technology, and psychology. Koryo's curricula have been developed to offers students the widest range of possibilities and opportunities.