Diploma Policy

Exploring new ways of life requires careful preparation and a certain attitude of mind. If the 21st century is to be recognized as the era of women, women must from their early years cultivate independence of mind, and form their own visions of life and society. At Koryo International College, we take into account the social environment of modern women and set as an educational goal for the International Communication Program the cultivation of independence through education, underscoring the ability of women to contribute to a rapidly globalizing society, based on a respect for individuality, a global vision, and an understanding of various cultures. To help students acquire the skills and abilities listed below and achieve this goal, we offer four programs of study: the Study Abroad Course, the World English Course, the Psychology Course, and the Information Media Course. To ensure that students acquire the necessary skills, Koryo implements strict rules and policies concerning credits and the awarding of diplomas.

We emphasize:
  • English communications skills that enable students to express themselves effectively. (Study Aboard Course and World English Course)
  • The ability to communicate using information technology (Information Media Course)
  • Social skills required to achieve effective interaction with all people living in the global community (Psychology Course)

Koryo International College provides an education that empowers women to take part in the global community and to enjoy new approaches to life, and fosters individuals capable of flourishing amid globalization and the growing reach of IT applications within society. To this end, we strive to constantly restructure our educational system, seeking the highest quality in all areas, including teaching faculty, curricula, accreditation, and the educational environment.