Koryo Gap Year ProgramProgram overview

Take a self-discovery trip to Europe

You are about to graduate from senior high school and set to attend college. Given the first six months of your college life to do anything you wanted, what would you choose to do? Would you travel? Would you become involved in volunteer activities, or play sports, or participate in an internship program?

To raise the pioneering spirit banner even higher, Koryo International College in 2005 introduced the Koryo Gap Year Program, expanding overseas study opportunities. The program encourages students to accumulate a wide range of life experiences and to learn to identify what is of central value in life - an understanding that cannot be learned in classrooms alone.

What is a gap year?

Conventionally, the idea of the gap year refers to a period of time away from study taken by a student after graduating from senior high school but before beginning higher education, while remaining on the enrollment list of a future educational institution. During a gap year spanning a period of several months to a year, a student generally works or travels. The gap year allows students to select from unlimited options whatever they believe will benefit them.

In Europe and the United States, growing numbers of students are taking a gap year, a choice society generally accepts with open arms. Since many students immediately following graduation from senior high school lack the maturity to tackle the college curriculum, a gap year can provide significant benefits.

To jump high, one needs a running start. If you consider college years before going into the real world as a running start before a jump, you know how important it is to be free of ambivalence and uncertainty during those years. The gap year program gives students the opportunity to take another good look at themselves. Since time spent aimlessly can be wasteful or even harmful, students are encouraged to plan their gap years carefully. Well-planned gap years can bring great benefits to students preparing for college.

Looking beyond the horizon

Recognizing the significance of the experiences to be acquired from a gap year, Koryo International College has established the Koryo Gap Year Program. Koryo provides scholarships and gives special consideration to ensure that the gap year will not put students at a disadvantage with respect to credits earned.

Koryo International College operates according to the semester system. Each school year consists of two terms, Spring and Fall. The Koryo Gap Year Program is offered in the Spring semester, which begins in April and ends in July. Students participating in this program prepare their plans, study English intensively, and familiarize themselves with overseas life in April. At the end of April, they leave for the UK. They take part in a one-week tour of the UK and spend the time to become accustomed to the overseas environment. During the next two months, they spend their time traveling, visiting sites of interest, undertaking research, or visiting companies in Europe, according to their plans. Upon returning to Japan in July, they prepare a report of their experiences.

Students in Europe and the United States who participate in a gap year stress that the gap year enhances social skills by developing independence, by motivating them to move forward in life, and by improving their ability to communicate with others. Koryo firmly believes that its gap year program will provide you with invaluable experiences, as with the students in Europe and the United States.


Koryo International College provides a scholarship that covers air fare (round-trip tickets), a Eurail Pass, basic overseas travelerfs insurance, and bus fares during the tour week in the UK.

Transferring credits

Normally, a student will earn 20 credits in the Spring semester if she passes all of her classes. A student participating in the Koryo Gap Year Program will receive two to ten credits in the Liberal Arts. The maximum number of credits permitted for the Fall semester is then increased to 26 credits for students participating in the program. Taking two extra classes (remedial and intensive seminars) ensures that these students will have the same number of credits as other students at the end of the first school year.

Risk management

Pioneering learning always carries a risk. In todayfs world, the importance of minimizing risks is clear to all of us. To respond to student emergencies occurring overseas, Koryo staff members are present overseas during the program period.

Eurail Pass

Koryo International College provides each student with an Eurail Pass (unlimited rides on express and limited express trains) for use during their stay in Europe.
This railway pass is recognized in 17 countries in Western Europe. Students can generally preselect five countries in which the pass will be valid.