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Yuichi Kurimoto
The founder,
Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto
1904 - 1981

Embracing his grand ambition to found an educational institution, the founder of Koryo International College, Yuichi Kurimoto, arrived on the North American Continent in 1926, crossing the Pacific to study and absorb Western culture. Following diligent study, he graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, becoming the first Japanese national ever to graduate from that university.

Upon returning to Japan at a youthful 30, Yuichi Kurimoto established the Nagoya Railway School, the predecessor of Koryo International College, and devoted the remaining 47 years of his life to education. Among Yuichi Kurimoto's many legacies is his pioneering spirit, strengthened through the challenges faced and overcome during life and study in Canada those years. Now, with development and modernization seemingly reaching into every corner of the globe, this pioneering spirit may at times seem superfluous. We believe that the same spirit and resolve will be as crucial "if not more so" in meeting and resolving the problems and issues that face the next generation.The motto, "Frontier Spirit", now guides all our endeavours.

The Japanese garden established on the campus of the University of Alberta bears the name of our founder, who was awarded an honorary doctorate of law by that University. Visitors to the garden will read "Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto Memorial Garden" proudly engraved on the plate. Along with Dr. Shizu Kurimoto, his wife and best partner, Yuichi Kurimoto continued to demonstrate this pioneering spirit throughout his life.

We recognize that people have different abilities and skills. Some know more than others, others think more deeply about issues than others. Some have a remarkably retentive memory; others are analytical. Some are great synthesizers; others have keen intuition. Some are more dexterous, while others have more athletic abilities. These differing abilities and talents are equally important and valuable.

The chief purpose of education is to allow students to discover, explore, and develop their potential by their own means. Koryo's tutorial idea, the key feature of a Koryo education, is consistent with this purpose. Koryo's unique seminar system is based on the ancient Greek idea of mentor and apprenrice. Koryo teachers guide students through their educational career, fostering wisdom and worldly knowledge, cultivating an economically aware adulthood and creating individuals with a global outlook who will give Japan the capacity to meet the expectations of nations around the world. International education is the second pillar of Koryo's educational focus. We strive to create the optimal learning environment, an effort we plan to sustain well into the future.

We invite all young women with such a vision to study at our campus.

In the future, when you look back, we want you to take pride and pleasure in having chosen Koryo International College.

History of Koryo International College
  • Koryo International College founded and the International Study Program established.
  • Student exchange program established with the University of Victoria in Canada.
  • International Study Program Major established.
  • Study abroad incentive program established.
  • Student exchange program established with Randolph-Macon Women's College in the United States.
  • International Study Program Major granted accreditation by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation.
  • Student exchange program established with the University of York in the UK (based on a language program launched at the University of York).
  • Research launched on classroom instruction.
  • Student exchange program established with Queen's University in the UK.
  • Website created on the Internet.
  • New study-abroad system launched (Frontier Spirit Program).
  • Credit transfer agreement concluded with the University of the Air.
  • Student exchange program established with the University of Salford in the UK.
  • International volunteer project introduced.
  • International Study Program reorganized and renamed the International Communication Program.
  • (English Communication Course and Information Communication Course launched.)
  • Student exchange program established with the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Psychology Communication Course and Media Communication Course established.
  • Study Abroad Course established.
  • Integration of the Information Communication and the Media Communication Courses to become the Information Media Course.
  • Reorganization of International Communication Program (Study Abroad Course, World English Course, Psychology Course, and Information Media Course).