Information Media Course

The Internet continues to expand across the globe, allowing people to exchange video images and voice data as well as text information between virtually any two locations. The advent of the multimedia age has created a new style of communication on a global scale and revolutionized corporate operations, socioeconomic structures, and daily lives. In the business world, the capacity to manage, apply, analyze, and process huge amounts of information continuously exchanged through various systems and devices is rapidly becoming essential. The skills for using information equipment acquired during college study will serve as powerful tools as women pursue their career goals.

The Information Media Course provides students with a basic understanding of information processing technologies. It teaches database, network, and presentation skills. With the Worldwide Web rapidly becoming a major media format next to printed matter and television, the course introduces the basics of Web use for presenting and communicating ideas. The course also provides the general understanding and skills needed to build Web servers and websites, work with HTML, and produce animation content. Finally, the course covers the secretarial skills, etiquette, and English communication skills needed by professional secretaries. In summary, the Information Media Course fosters talented global individuals for the 21st century who have solid interpersonal skills and are capable of rapidly understanding situations and people.

A Unique Koryo Offering: Computer Graphics (2D) Practice I

Development of comprehensive capabilities required in careers

Computers have become a central part of today's printing, advertising, and design industries. The power of computers enables the dissemination of complex, diverse, and vast information to the world. Through hands-on training, this class seeks to foster the ability of students to understand mass-media design processes from the viewpoint of a producer, rather than the recipient. The class teaches students the basic principles of computer graphics and creating visual designs using these principles to communicate and disseminate information to the wider society.

Curriculum of Information Media Course

Class title No. of credits Mandatory First year Second year
spring fall spring fall
Intensive Computer
4 O      
Intensive Computer
4 O      
Computer Literacy 2    
Document Production 2 O    
Compound Document Production 2 O
Building Databases 2 O    
Using Databases 2 O
Business Presentations 2 O      
Fundamentals of Secretarial Studies 2    
Secretarial Practice 2    
Practice for Information
Processing Certification I, II, III, IV
Internet Communications I 2    
Internet Communications II 2    
Internet Server Construction 2      
Intranet Server Construction 2 O      
Basics of Multimedia 2 O    
Website Construction 2 O    
Basics of Website Design 2 O    
Application of Website Design 2 O    
Basics of Interactive Contents 2 O    
Application of Interactive Contents 2 O    
Basics of Computer Graphics (2D) 2 O    
Computer Graphics (2D) Practice I 2 O    
Computer Graphics (2D) Practice II 2 O    
Computer Graphics (2D) Practice III 2 O    
Communication Skills I 2      
Communication Skills II 2      
General International
Communication Seminar I
General International
Communication Seminar II
Modern International
Relations and Japan
Population Issues and the World 2 O
Economic Growth and Modern Times 2 O
Traditional Japanese Culture (Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement) 2 O
Seminar aI 2  
Seminar II 2  
Graduation Thesis 2