IS Building ("Intelligent School" Building)Giving life to ideas

The IS Building is at the heart of information processing at NUCB.

IS Building image

The internal network located in this building gives instant access to information, and enables communication between faculties, staff and students.

The IS Building, completed in 1988, is a high-tech structure which houses our computer labs and is the center for information management instruction.

An important feature of the IS Building is its capacity to revolutionize the methods and the contents of higher education, by turning receptive learning into productive learning, and by replacing the mere accumulation of knowledge with the acquisition of analytical and methodological techniques which will prepare our students for the challenges of the information age. This building hosts a wide variety of media-related educational activities.

The IS Building is equipped with the latest technology to create website content

The IS Building is equipped with the latest technology for the creation of website content, such as Power Macintosh G4 and Graphic Workstations, as well as computers, color scanners, film scanners and DVD players. Our students can also use these facilities for a wide array of activities, including homepage creation, 3D computer graphics and non-linear video editing. All computers in the workshops are connected to the local area network (LAN).

Our mirror sites give our students access to sources from all over the world

Our computer center uses a RAID system with Red Hat Linux and Free BSD to mirror over 130 free source sites from all over the world.

These mirrored sites are open not only for our users, but also for external users of Linux and BSD, who can access the latest configuration information available.

Thus, our sites are accessed and downloaded at a daily rate of over 30,000 downloads.

inward part of the IS Building