The Central Information CenterA nucleus of Information Exchange

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The Central Information Center is the library complex and is equipped with the latest multimedia research instruments. The center holds over 220,000 books and valuable references. NUCB students and faculty members can access worldwide search engines to utilize abundant research materials on campus.

Sources of information include books, journals and up-to-the-minute multi-media research facilities.

The Multimedia Room allows students to access the Internet, cable television services, a variety of educational and other videos, and the latest Macintosh computers. The students can browse the online library catalog, gNINE (NUCB Information Network)h by LAN access. The Self Access Center (SAC) is equipped with the ultramodern facilities and resources for independent study. The SAC also provides advice on the use of its large collection of language study materials according to the studentfs individual level. The SAC aims to improve language ability in English and five Asian Languages including Chinese and Korean through individual counselling and individual study.

inward part of the Central Information Center