Messages from Alumna

Thanks to detailed employment guidance, I was hired by the company where my father used to work.

My father worked for Toyota Motor Corporation, but he passed away when I was a freshman in senior high school. When my father died, the people in the company were very kind to our family and showed us where my father had worked. This led to a strong desire to work for the company that my father once worked for.

Since Koryo International College had helped many graduates enter Toyota Motor Corporation, I decided to attend Koryo. I loved the small-group instruction offered by Koryo, one of Koryo's many great features, which bring students closer to their instructors and provide them with personal guidance. During spring break, I had a chance to improve my telephone skills and interview skills as part of preparations for job-hunting. That training was especially useful. I'm delighted to be working at Toyota Motor Corporation, as I'd always hoped.

Yurika Sakamoto image
Yurika Sakamoto
Toyota Motor Corporation

I'm thankful for the extensive secretarial classes and employment preparation seminars that helped me find a job at my first-choice company before graduation.

In junior high school, I spent time with a foreign exchange student hosted by my family. I also traveled by myself to the U.S. These experiences led to an interest in communicating with foreigners, and I selected Koryo International College. Koryo offered extensive English and secretarial classes, which I believed would be suitable for gaining knowledge and skills that would prove useful in the real world. The wide range of career-related preparatory seminars covering topics like employment guidance, make-up lessons, and interview techniques were extremely helpful. I was eventually hired by Toyota Boshoku, and I'll begin working as an assistant engineer from April. I plan to apply what I learned at Koryo in my new career.

Aimi Karino image
Aimi Karino
Toyota Boshoku Corporation

Although I changed career paths in the midst of job-hunting, I was able to find a position at a local automobile-related company.

I enrolled in an International Program in senior high school and also had the chance to attend schools overseas during junior high and senior high, experiences that led to an interest in English communication. I entered Koryo International College and took the English Communication Course. The classes taught by native English-speaking teachers helped improve my English skills dramatically. At first, I wanted to work for an airline company, but because of family circumstances and a change of heart, I ended up seeking employment locally. The staff members in the Koryo employment section were exceptionally kind and provided information and guidance. I ended up deciding to work for Toyota Techno Service, where I work as a CAD operator. During the job interview, I mentioned I'd I had no experience with CAD, but my interviewer assured me that the company would train me. I'd like to master CAD as quickly as possible and become part of the primary workforce.

Michiko Nakamura image
Michiko Nakamura
Toyota Techno Service Corporation

I was offered employment by a company providing international check-in services. The seminar that prepared me for certification was a tremendous help in securing this position.

To polish my English skills, I participated in FSP from April to August in my second year of college, going through a language program at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. I also did an internship at a resource center operated by a regional tourist association in Whitehaven. I studied the language and talked to other homestay students. My host family also took us to local sightseeing attractions. I got the opportunity to interact with people of various nationalities, cultures, and customs - a valuable experience for me. Even before I graduated, JALSKY Nagoya - which handles international flight check-in services - offered a job. The preparation seminar for the flight attendant employment exam helped a lot. I'd like to make as much use of my English skills as possible during my career.

Eriko Takasu image
Eriko Takasu
JALSKY Nagoya Co., Ltd.

The classes that taught me etiquette and social skills helped me in my job-hunting.

When I was a junior high school student, I had an argument with a friend at school. Our homeroom teacher intervened in our argument. This experience led to an interest in human emotions, and I ended up studying psychology. I debated whether to take the track of further education or to start on a career path after graduating from Koryo. Then, my Koryo counselor asked if I would be interested in taking the employment examination for the Bank of Nagoya. I took the examination and received an acceptance letter from the bank. I hadn't expected to pass the exam, so I was happy and surprised at the same time. I'm sure I passed the exam thanks to the classes where I learned etiquette and social skills, as well as the detailed employment support provided by Koryo. The SPI quizzes, simulated interviews, and guidance in proper resume writing were especially useful and helpful. I plan to learn as much about finance as quickly as possible so I can work as a fully fledged employee of the bank.

Maiko Kato image
Maiko Kato
Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.

I gained maturity by taking classes in secretarial skills and women's studies.

My high school teacher recommended Koryo International College for its record with placing students on the most suitable career paths. This was one of the major reasons that made me decide to attend Koryo. English was one of my favorite subjects, so I selected the English Communication Course at Koryo. It surprised me that the course included many classes that would be useful after graduation, such as secretarial skills and women's studies. In addition to the academic aspects, it helped me become a more mature person. Since I wanted to work for as long as possible, I consulted my employment counselor and found candidate companies that offered programs for employees who were also raising children. I'm familiar with Juroku Bank because one of my acquaintances works there, and I was impressed by the sincerity of the bank representatives during the company orientation. I sat ended up the Juroku Bank employment exam, and I was hired.

Chikako Mizuno image
Chikako Mizuno
Juroku Bank, Ltd.

I ended up leading a group debate; something I didn't think I was good at, but my performance helped get me the job I'd always wanted at a securities firm.

Ever since junior high, when I saw a TV program showing people working in the securities market, I'd dreamt of working for a securities firm. Although much has changed in the world of securities trading since then, working at a securities firm remained my first career choice. Because the employment examination of Tokai Tokyo Securities included a group debate, something I'm not good at, I almost decided not to apply for the company. But I gave it a try, encouraged by my teacher. To my surprise, I found I could effectively express my opinions, which helped spur the debate. Partly due to my successful contribution to the debate, I was offered employment by Tokai Tokyo Securities. I attribute my success to our debate sessions in seminars and many hours of reading newspapers, as instructed by teachers. My goal now is to continue making progress by learning more about securities through my work.

Anna Iwasaki image
Anna Iwasaki
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd.

My desire for a career using English was fulfilled when I received acceptance of employment. After gradation, I plan to work hard to obtain a qualification to become a registered customs specialist.

I participated in a language program at the University of York for one month from February in my first year of college and spent fulfilling days with the support of my host family. When I returned to Japan, I started looking for a job. I wanted a career that involved using English, but I also took employment examinations for many companies in various fields, because I thought I should take a broader perspective in finding a career. In all these job-hunting activities, everything I'd learned about filling out application forms and resumes appropriately and correct etiquette and communications in secretarial studies classes proved invaluable. I was accepted by Yusen Air & Sea Service, which handles international cargo. I'm delighted to have my wish fulfilled for a job involving English use. While working, I plan to continue studying to become a registered customs specialist.

Tomomi Yoshikawa image
Tomomi Yoshikawa
Juroku Bank, Ltd.

Koryo International College offers a first-rate environment and support systems for certification exams.

I chose Koryo International College because I felt the college would offer many options to help me pursue what I wanted to do after two years of college education, whether I choose to study abroad, transfer to a four-year college, or to seek employment. After enrolling in Koryo, I worked to prepare for study abroad. I was able to attend a language program at the University of York in England in February of my first year of college. I improved my English to a point that allowed me to communicate with my host mother. The program brought great results. During my two years in college, I took many tests to obtain certifications and qualifications. A motivated student can take advantage of the first-rate environment and support system offered by Koryo. My overseas language study experience stimulated interest in pursuing further involvement with foreign countries, so I'll continue studying English while working, seeking a position in an overseas business division of the company.

Mariko Yamaguchi image
Mariko Yamaguchi
Denso Corporation

I believe the key to successful job hunting is well-planned activities.

I entered Koryo International College because of its high job placement rate and a wide range of career choices. At first, I didn't think finding a job and improving my language skills would be all that difficult. But in my second year in college, I started to feel a certain amount of pressure, because I hadn't yet found a job, and I had difficulty obtaining the credits I needed in English. Still, I planned my job-hunting and stuck to my plans. In job interviews, I smiled and answered questions clearly, as advised in a seminar at Koryo. Among the many applicants who graduated from hotel and hospitality schools or had additional qualifications, I believe my finding employment was attributable to the support provided by Koryo. In retrospect, my two years of college life seemed so short. I was so busy working on assignments and writing papers that the two years rushed past before my eyes. I think careful planning is crucial for successful job hunting.

Madoka Taguchi image
Madoka Taguchi
ANA Hotels
Hotel Grand Court NAGOYA

Taking the initiative is central to a fulfilling student life.

One of the main reasons I chose Koryo International College was that it would give me opportunity to study abroad, to learn how to use a personal computer, and to take numerous certification tests during my two years of college life. During my first year in college, I was happy learning how to operate a PC. But during spring break, using my own funds, I participated in a study-abroad program in San Diego in the United States. This experience motivated me to work on improving my English skills, which led to FSP. Luckily, I was the only Japanese student in the class and the teacher was considerate. I ended up learning English from the ground up. I found my experience overseas fulfilling. Koryo offers excellent study abroad programs, campus facilities, and curricula, but students won't gain useful knowledge unless they're motivated to learn. My message to you would be to stay motivated in your studies and to seek to achieve a fulfilling college life.

Hiromi Ito image
Hiromi Ito
Norinchukin Bank

Koryo International College supports those who work hard toward their goals.

I'm currently working as a cabin attendant on international flights. At Koryo International College, my focus was on English language. While enrolled in Koryo, I also studied at Randolph-Macon Women's College in the United States. Living overseas not only improved my language skills, it gave me the confidence to live my life. Being a flight attendant was the career of my dreams from childhood, and I've worked hard during my student years to make my dream come true. Koryo provided significant support in both education and employment. The certificate for pre-first grade English Proficiency test I obtained as a student was recognized in my job application, and by the company when I joined. I'd advise students at Koryo to take advantage of the programs and facilities offered by Koryo International College and strive to reach your goals.

Masami Komori image
Masami Komori
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA)

Koryo International College looks after each and every student. That's one of the great things about Koryo.

We work as conductors in the Nagoya Transport District. We work hard to fulfill our responsibilities to ensure safe and comfortable trains for customers. As conductors, we come into contact with passengers fairly often. Thanks to the Fundamentals of Secretarial Studies class and the Secretarial Practice class we took at Koryo, appropriate etiquette and diction are second nature, which made company training very easy. One of Koryo's strengths is that students get the chance to interact closely with teachers and college staff members. The small size of the classes allows teachers to pay close attention to individual students and consider what's best for each student. If you carefully plan your two years of college life at Koryo and take a positive approach to whatever lies ahead of you, you're guaranteed to find yourself a different individual when you graduate.

Hisako Shiomi, Masae Sakano image
Hisako Shiomi, Masae Sakano
Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai)