Messages from Students

I'm moving steadily forward toward my goal of becoming a flight attendant.

This fall, I'll spend around three months studying at the University of York in the UK. In one of my classes, I'm currently preparing myself for this program by improving practical English conversational skills. By requiring us to simulate various realistic situations, like asking for directions and shopping, this class makes learning English fun. I'm also doing research on the culture and history of the area where the University of York is located, while also studying to improve my TOEFL scores. I'd like to be as prepared as possible for my overseas learning so that my study abroad brings educational benefits.

Improving listening comprehension is one of the primary goals of going abroad for a language program. Since I'll be immersed in an English-speaking environment 24 hours a day for three months, I expect significant improvements.

English wasn't my strongest subject in senior high school, but my dream is to work as a flight attendant. I chose the Study Abroad Course at Koryo International College to get closer to achieving my dream. I already have a plan for study at college: I plan to improve English listening comprehension in the first year, then improve the ability to express myself in English in the second year. I'll use the three-month period of overseas study in the fall as a springboard to move forward in making my dream come true

Kana Hori image
Kana Hori
Born in Okayama Prefecture
Study Abroad Course

I find that I enjoy studying English more and more, thanks to classes taught by a native English-speaking teacher.

I have a strong interest in foreign countries and communication in English due to English conversation lessons I've taken since I was in elementary school. I went on a ten-day trip to Australia while in junior high school. Then I wanted to enter a college that offered a good English program. When I visited Koryo International College for an open-campus event, I learned classes were taught by native English-speaking teachers and that the facilities are comprehensive and extensive. That persuaded me to enroll in Koryo.

I never had foreign teachers in junior high school or senior high school, so classes at Koryo were refreshing. Listening and speaking lessons were especially fun, and I've begun to enjoy the fun of learning English. My TOEIC scores were 470 immediately after I entered Koryo. One year later, my score improved to 590. With this notable improvement in my English proficiency, I took the test and obtained 2nd grade English Proficiency certification, a testament to my progress. During spring break, I spent one month in a language program in Australia. I'm currently undertaking a challenge at the Frontier Spirit Program (FSP). While enrolled in Koryo, I plan to refine my English skills so that I can find a career that lets me use English.

Aiko Iguma image
Aiko Iguma
Born in Aichi Prefecture
World English Course

I wanted to understand how others felt... That's why I enrolled in the Psychology Course.

I believed understanding how others feel would help me be more considerate of those around me. This notion led to my interest in psychology. I also played the clarinet in the brass band in senior high school, and one reason I chose Koryo International College was that I wanted to continue playing the clarinet after senior high school.

All my classes have been interesting, but the Mental Health class left a particularly strong impression in me. This class focused on how we can adopt a positive outlook. It taught me how to manage my mind health. In this class, I learned about the certification program for becoming a transactional analyst, and I obtained Level-2 transactional analyst certification in January of my freshman year. Although relatively few people have obtained this certification, I understand it's useful for people planning to become counselors and caseworkers, as well as those who would like to improve interpersonal relationships. I'm glad I obtained this certification.

After graduating from Koryo, I plan to work at a nursing facility for the elderly called Nisshin Fukushi-kai. I obtained Level-2 care attendant certification by taking preparatory seminars at Koryo so that I can provide better care. I'd like to obtain care worker certification as well in the future. I want to provide assistance that helps and comforts the elderly by applying what I learned about psychology at school.

Aiko Shiroyama image
Aiko Shiroyama
Born in Aichi Prefecture
Psychology Course

Koryo offers extensive classes in not only information technology and also secretarial studies. The college gave me with knowledge and skills I'll use throughout my career.

I originally planned to start working immediately after graduating from senior high school, but I couldnŐt find a job I liked. While trying to find a future direction, I learned from a teacher at my senior high school about a college whose graduates had remarkable success in obtaining employment. The college he recommended was Koryo International College. I went to a commercial high school and studied information technology, and to further my study in this field, I selected the Information Media Course.

Koryo International College provides each student with a personal computer and offers an outstanding communications environment. In addition, through certain classes, students can obtain a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Koryo also offer preparatory seminars for various other certifications. In addition to an extensive curriculum, Koryo offers small class sizes that ensure caring, personalized instruction for students. It adds up to an excellent educational environment. Koryo also offers numerous secretarial classes, including Fundamentals of Secretarial Studies and Secretarial Practice. I believe these classes will be highly useful in future careers. I wanted to work for a travel agency at first, but while studying various business fields, I became interested in a different industry and decided to change career paths. I've now obtained employment confirmation from Toyota Motor. Although I donŐt know what department I'll be assigned to, I plan to make the most of my information processing skills and secretarial knowledge.

Chisa Kobayashi image
Chisa Kobayashi
Born in Aichi Prefecture
Information Media Course

Over the two years, I accumulated treasures for a lifetime. I also played in a brass band.

Since I played the clarinet in the brass band in junior high school and senior high school, I wanted to attend a college with a brass band. My senior high school teacher told me that the brass bands of the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration and Koryo International College were especially active and participated in many competitions. Both institutions offered good practice environments. So, I narrowed my list of potential colleges to those two, but I had a hard time deciding whether I should enter a two-year college or four-year university. After some deliberation, I entered Koryo. I thought, if I decide to pursue further study at a four-year university two years later, I could simply transfer to the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration.

Looking back on my college life, I see that I spent some time every day practicing for the band. On weekdays, I practiced for about three hours after finishing my classes. On Saturdays and Sundays, I practiced from early morning to noon. I have many fond memories, including competing in the Tokai music competition. But most of all, I developed the self-discipline to choose practice over going out and having fun and learned the importance of interpersonal relationships by associating with other classmates and alumna. These experiences have become invaluable assets. In addition to classroom education, Koryo offers numerous opportunities to improve a student's personal qualities. It is my hope that new students will acquire their own invaluable personal assets during their time at Koryo International College.

Yuko Marui image
Yuko Marui
Born in Aichi Prefecture
World English Course

I'm studying hard to win a top achiever scholarship for the second time.

I selected Koryo International College because the school offered an excellent English learning environment, with many native English-speaking teachers. After entering Koryo, I learned from an administration staff member that the top two students with the highest grades in the Spring semester would receive half-year scholarships. I wanted a scholarship, but didn't think I would be one of the two. When the first semester finished, I was told I had won a scholarship. I couldn't believe my ears.

Looking back, I think I won the scholarship through a 100% class attendance rate, extensive note-taking, and asking questions after class. Since this scholarship provides 30,000 yen per month, it's a great help.

Since I've earned this scholarship once, I can't let myself receive low grades in the following semester. This is a great source of encouragement. I'm working hard to win the scholarship again next semester.

Noriko Uene image
Noriko Uene
Born in Aichi Prefecture
World English Course

I took the scholarship entrance examination to reduce the financial burden on my parents.

My friends invited me to go with them to the open-campus event at Koryo International College, and I decided to attend Koryo after this event. The factors that had led me to make this decision were Koryo's comprehensive equipment and facilities, the availability of many preparatory seminars for certification tests, and the pleasant experience I had talking with a native English-speaking teacher in an example English class. To reduce the financial burden on my parents, I took the scholarship entrance examination in the hopes of receiving a scholarship (40,000 yen per month). I passed this examination.

I find all my classes interesting, but my most memorable educational experience came from participating in an international volunteer project. In this program, I visited the Republic of Hungary, and pulled weeds, cut trees on campgrounds, and helped with gardening. Since my family runs a landscaping business in which I have helped since I was a child, I didn't find the volunteer work very hard or demanding. On the contrary, I enjoyed talking with other volunteer students from South Korea, the United States, and Europe so much that each day seemed too short. This experience made me realize I'd be able to communicate better if my English skills improved, and realizing this boosted my motivation to study English with greater dedication. That was another benefit of participating in the volunteer program.

Chisa Imai image
Chisa Imai
Born in Aichi Prefecture
World English Course