President's Message

Dr. Hiroyuki Kurimoto image
Hiroyuki Kurimoto
Doctor of Economics (Osaka University)

Each of us is unique, and our approaches to life and careers should be as diverse as our character. Today, more and more women are taking active roles in a broader range of fields, and seeking lives different from those available to them in the past. I believe women will find fulfillment from seeking a way of life that best suits their individual talents, and not from following the same path trodden by others.

Any woman exploring new lifestyles must be armed with certain skills and attitudes. If we are to recognize the 21st century as an era for women, women from their early years must develop independence and form their own vision of their lives and social surroundings.

At Koryo, we survey the social environment of modern women, setting as an educational goal the cultivation of women who are capable of adapting to advances in globalization and communication technologies. Based on this goal, we have established four courses within the International Communications Program: the Study Abroad Course, the World English Course, the Psychology Course, and the Information Media Course. To help make the 21st century an era for women, we strive to cultivate women capable of thriving amid rapid advances in communications technologies and accelerating globalization. To this end, we provide an education that empowers women to take part in the global community and to enjoy new approaches to life. We continually address the restructuring of the educational system, seeking the best in all areas, including teaching faculty, curricula, and the educational environment. We are committed to developing the abilities of each of our students so that our graduates can win the confidence of others and independently face the challenges presented by life and work when they venture into the world.

It is our sincere hope that Koryo International College will serve as a springboard for women, enabling them to step confidently into the 21st century the era of women and to enjoy fulfilling lives.