Koryo Policies

Abilities Required of Global Women

Koryo International College provides an education based on policies that focus on cultivating Japanese women capable of succeeding on the global stage.

Globalization and the growing sophistication of communications technologies are rapidly eradicating national boundaries for individuals, commerce, and flows of information, creating a new era in which people from nations around the world must live together, sharing their unique cultures. Succeeding within this global community will require more than language skills and communication techniques. To communicate freely and effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, as a true citizen of the world, one must have an international perspective. One must also gain a cultivation within a global framework as well as a sensitive understanding and knowledge of different cultures while mastering the skills required to express ideas and opinions effectively. The ability to serve as an immediately effective member of the workforce following graduation is another important quality rapidly gaining importance.

Koryo's educational goal is to cultivate independent women by providing an education that actively promotes the contributions that women make to our rapidly globalizing society. Our approach is based on a respect for individuality, a global vision, and an understanding of cultural differences. This policy is reflected in all classes in the International Communication Program. Transcending the conventional framework of two-year colleges, the curricula based on this policy provide more than mere education. They are designed to develop in students the practical skills needed once they leave college and to foster the discipline required to function as global citizens, enabling students to explore a wide range of opportunities in career and in life. We invite you to learn more about Koryo International College and to consider taking advantage of our college as a bridge to your brighter future.