Psychology Course

Communication is central to business, school, and home, and to the wider global community. It's not possible to live in today's society without interacting with others. It hardly needs to be said that most people find their environment more comfortable when their interactions with those around them proceed smoothly. Human psychology governs interactions. A friendly manner and sincere concern for others generally lead to mutual understanding and compassion, making possible the heart-to-heart communication that builds trusting relationships.

The Psychology Course seeks to foster the ability of students to examine how human minds work and develop a multi-faceted understanding of those with differing behavioral patterns and value structures or from different cultures. It also helps refine feminine sensibilities to give students the skills needed to build better interpersonal relationships in various social situations, skills that will help them advance in their careers. In addition to attending lectures on psychology, students perform various experiments and problem-solving exercises to combine theory and practice. By unraveling the mysteries of the human mind, the course will make students more sensitive to others and give them the communication skills required for life within the global community.

A Unique Koryo Course: Mental Health

Self-management of mind and exploration of the human mind and behavior

Transactional analysis (TA) is the branch of psychology that studies minds in personal interactions. This easy-to-understand personal theory offers a systematic framework for understanding change in oneself and achieving growth. How does the mind work? How can we improve interpersonal relationships? To answer these questions, students will learn how they think and behave, looking for ways to become more flexible. This class also helps students manage their own mental health and enjoy trouble-free interactions in their daily lives. After a year of classes (40 lecture hours), students can sit for the examination for Class 2 certification for transactional analysts of the NPO Japan Transactional Analysis Association.

Curriculum of Psychology Course

Class title No. of credits Mandatory First year Second year
spring fall spring fall
Fundamental of Psychology 2    
Fundamental of Communication Theory 2    
Interpersonal Communication 2 O    
Communication Survey Methods I 2 O    
Communication Survey Methods II 2 O    
Introduction to Psychology 2 O    
Psychology in Human Relationships 2 O    
Social Psychology 2 O    
Psychology and Behavior of Youth in the Modern Age 2 O    
Guide to Developmental Psychology 2 O    
Psychology in Everyday Life 2 O    
Cognitive Psychology 2 O    
Social and Clinical Psychology 2 O    
Personality Psychology 2 O    
Studies of Psychological Test Methods 2 O    
Mental Health 4
Speaking Etiquette and Communication 2 O
Career Counseling 2 O
Cross-cultural Communication 2 O
Practice for Test in Color Coordination I
Color and Design (Basic)
2 O    
Practice for Test in Color Coordination II
Color and Design (Application) >
2 O    
Communication Skills I 2      
Communication Skills II 2      
Computer Literacy 2    
Document Production 2    
Fundamental of Secretarial Studies 2    
Secretarial Practice 2    
Women and the Law 2 O    
Women's Studies 2 O
General International Communication Seminar I 1  
General International Communication Seminar II 1  
Modern International Relations and Japan 2
Seminar I 2  
Seminar II 2  
Graduation Thesis 2