Study Abroad Course

More than 15 million Japanese travel abroad each year, and some two million foreigners currently reside in Japan. Rapid globalization means we now live in an international environment in which we encounter non-Japanese-speaking individuals almost daily. The concept of global citizenship means more than just being able to speak a foreign language. One cannot play an active role in the global community without understanding the differences between ethnic groups, social systems, cultures, customs, beliefs, and value systems.

Studying abroad is the fastest way to turn previously learned English knowledge into practical communication skills. In addition to improving communication skills, studying in a foreign country deepens understanding of a different culture and broadens one's global perspective.

A student can take on a wide range of educational challenges and gain various skills during two years of college life. Studying abroad to acquire English skills, something possible for most people only during their school years, represents an investment in a student's future.

A Unique Koryo Offering: Overseas Language Study

In the Study Abroad Course, students travel abroad to study English in the fall term of their first year, with the goal of significantly improving English communication skills, enabling them to exchange ideas and express opinions in the English language. Koryo recognizes up to 30 credits earned at overseas educational institutions.

Affiliated university:
University of York (UK)
Period of overseas stay
September to December (three months) during the first school year
Description of program of study
Students participate in the English Language Programme at the University of York.
Students are primarily required to take English classes, but also learn about British culture, social system, history, and international business.
Transferring credits
Upon review of grades obtained at the University of York and achievement reports, Koryo International College will generally accept around 24 credits earned at the University of York.

Curriculum of Study Abroad Course

Class title No. of credits Mandatory First year Second year
spring fall spring fall
Overseas Language Study 24      
Communication Skills I 2      
Communication Skills II 2 O      
English Listening I 2 O      
English Listening II 2 O      
English Listening III 2 O      
English Listening IV 2 O      
English with Computers I 2      
English with Computers II 2 O      
English for TOEIC I 2 O      
English for TOEIC II 2 O      
English Writing I 2 O      
English Writing II 2 O      
English Reading I 2 O      
English Reading II 2 O      
English Reading III 2 O      
English Reading IV 2 O      
Business English I 2 O    
Business English II 2 O    
English Presentation I 2 O    
English Presentation II 2 O      
Travel English 2 O  
Communicative Writing I 2 O    
Communicative Writing II 2 O      
Practice for English
Proficiency Test
Learning English through
Media I (Overseas broadcasts, newspapers)
2 O  
Learning English through
Media II (Topic Studies)
2 O  
Learning English through
Media III (Movies, videos)
2 O  
Computer Literacy 2    
Document Production 2    
Fundamentals of
Secretarial Studies
Secretarial Practice 2      
General International
Communication Seminar I
General International
Communication Seminar II
Modern International
Relations and Japan
Seminar I 2    
Seminar II 2  
Graduation Thesis 2