World English Course

As we move deeper into the 21st century, globalization continues to advance at ever faster rates. The importance of English communication skills is growing in various fields. The World English Course seeks to provide not mere conversational English skills, but the real-world English communications skills needed to take part in the exchange of ideas and to express one's views effectively. In this way, the program seeks to cultivate individuals capable of contributing within the global community.

Designed to foster practical skills, the curriculum includes many classes taught by native English speakers. Students are required to take numerous English-related classes in both their first and second years. In all classes, students are restricted to English alone to ensure thorough immersion in an English-speaking environment. Koryo offers no classes in which students can simply sit and listen to explanations or pronounce words as instructed, all classes demand active student participation, requiring students to improve communication skills through critical thinking and effective expression. Koryo also offers an extensive overseas study program (ranging from three months to one year) for students wishing to achieve greater mastery of English communication skills.

In addition to English, students learn clerical skills and gain the familiarity with information equipment essential in today's society.

Curriculum for World English Course

Class title No. of credits Mandatory First year Second year
spring fall spring fall
Communication Skills I 2      
Communication Skills II 2      
English Listening I 2 O      
English Listening II 2 O      
English Listening III 2 O      
English Listening IV 2 O      
English with Computers I 2      
English with Computers II 2      
English for TOEIC I 2 O    
English for TOEIC II 2 O    
English Writing I 2 O    
English Writing II 2 O    
English Reading I 2 O    
English Reading II 2 O    
English Reading III 2 O      
English Reading IV 2 O      
Business English I 2 O    
Business English II 2 O    
English Presentation I 2 O    
English Presentation II 2 O    
Travel English 2 O
Communicative Writing I 2 O    
Communicative Writing II 2 O    
International Etiquette 2 O    
Practice for English Proficiency Test 2
Learning English through
Media I (Overseas broadcasts, newspapers)
2 O
Learning English through
Media II (Topic Studies)
2 O
Learning English through
Media III (Movies, videos)
2 O
Computer Literacy 2    
Document Production 2    
Fundamentals of Secretarial Studies 2    
Secretarial Practice 2    
General International Communication Seminar I 1  
General International Communication Seminar II 1  
Seminar I 2  
Seminar II 2  
Graduation Thesis 2